Wellness in Sojka resort, space for rebirth

Are you looking for an ideal place to relax and recharge your batteries? Wellness with a pool at Sojka resort offers perfect relaxation experiences for the whole family. Immerse yourself in the beneficial environment of the year-round wellness center. After a hot sauna, cool off in the refreshing cooling tub and let yourself be pampered by the beneficial effects of changing temperatures. A rest room is also available.

The wellness center is open to persons over 16 years of age. To ensure your maximum comfort, booking the wellness center before your arrival is essential.

  • Opening hours
    16:30 – 21:00

Finnish sauna

  • Temperature: 80-100 °C

  • Humidity: 10-20%

Intense sweating detoxifies the body, relaxes muscles and joints, strengthens the immune system and improves sleep quality. Finnish sauna is suitable for people who want to lose weight and get rid of stress.

Steam sauna

  • Temperature: 40-50 °C

  • Humidity: 90-100%

Moist hot air relaxes the respiratory tract, relieves pain and improves the condition of the skin. Steam sauna is suitable for respiratory problems, for relaxing muscles and joints.

Infrared sauna

  • Temperature: 30-60 °C

  • Humidity: 20-40%

Infrared radiation overheats the body, improves blood circulation, relaxes muscles and joints, detoxifies and strengthens immunity. The infrared sauna is gentle and also suitable for people with cardiovascular problems.

Herbal sauna

  • Temperature: 50-60 °C

  • Humidity: 40-50%

Inhalation of herbal vapors clears the airways, calms the mind, and reduces stress. Herbal sauna is gentle on the body and suitable for children and people with cardiovascular diseases.

Water fun in indoor pools for the whole family

Forget the long journeys for water fun! At Sojka Resort in the heart of Liptov, a swimming pool paradise awaits you right on the premises. Our wellness center includes indoor pools for the whole family, where everyone can enjoy themselves.

While adults can treat themselves to a relaxing refreshment in the spacious pool, there is a children’s pool for the little ones with the depth and temperature of the water adapted to their needs.

And the best part? If you book accommodation at Sojka Resort, access to the swimming pools is included in the price. Do not hesitate and book an unforgettable vacation at Sojka Resort today!

  • Opening hours
    09:00 – 21:00

Swimming pools

  • Temperature: 26-30 °C

At Sojka resort you have a choice of two pools: an indoor indoor pool, which is part of the wellness area, or an outdoor pool located in another part of the resort, where you can enjoy sunny days with family and friends in the fresh air.

Children’s pool

  • Temperature: 26-30 °C

You no longer have to go anywhere for water. A children’s pool is part of the wellness center right in the complex. The depth and temperature of the water are suitable even for the little ones, so they can play around safely.

Hot tub

  • Temperature: 36-38 °C

The popular massage whirlpool relaxes the whole body wonderfully. The effects of a quality hot tub on health are generally brought about by real hydrotherapy. It massages and bloods the back and limbs and you will feel reborn.

Relaxation procedures

  • Duration: 15-120 min

Let yourself be pampered in our wellness center and get rid of stress. We offer a wide range of relaxation treatments such as relaxing massages, banking, body wraps, mud therapy and more.

Price lists of wellness and relaxation procedures

Price list of relaxation procedures
Procedure Duration The price
Massage – Classic, relaxing, with aromatic oils, snake venom, hemp gel, reflex foot massage 25 min./50 min 26€/40€
Relaxation massage with lava stones 25 min./50 min 28€/42€
Manual lymphatic drainage 30 min/60 min/120 min 28€/42€/62€
Massages for pregnant women 25 min./50 min 26€/40€
Massages for children 15 min/25 min 12€/18€
Dead Sea mud therapy 60 min 42€
Banking 25 min./50 min 26€/40€
Maderotherapy 50 min 42€
Entrance to the wellness area for non-accommodating guests
Procedure Duration The price
Wellness and pool 180 min 20€
Swimming pool (adults) 180 min 9€
Swimming pool (child) 180 min 7€