Teambuilding in Liptov is the right solution for all those who are looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of work and at the same time would like to enjoy a lot of fun, games, sports and relaxation with their colleagues. If you are going to get to know the Liptov region, we will recommend a program according to your preferences, which will surely meet your expectations.

Sojka resort offers you unique accommodation according to your preferences. You can choose from accommodation in hotels, apartments and wooden houses. Camping for caravans is part of the Sojka resort.


Aquazorbing offers you a unique experience – a walk on the surface of the water in a transparent sphere. You can enjoy this activity dry and in your bubble. Enjoy 30 minutes of pure fun in the embrace of a water balloon. For company events and team building, we can shorten the time to 5-10 minutes so that everyone can try this experience. A great way to experience something new!

Quad biking

Are you looking for original team building for your team? Quad biking is the perfect choice! In summer and winter, you will enjoy adrenaline and a beautiful environment. Driving is easy even for beginners. You choose to ride alone or in a group. You will test your riding skills, coordination and team spirit. Have fun, relax from work and strengthen interpersonal relationships!

Zorbing football

Enjoy an unforgettable day full of fun with your colleagues and strengthen the team spirit. In the inflatable ball, you will engage in crazy games and obstacle courses. Run, jump, roll and bump into each other without fear of falling. Suitable for everyone, regardless of fitness level. Get to know each other better and have a lot of fun!


Strategy. Dynamics. Adrenaline. Fun and development of team skills in one. Overcome your opponents in a thrilling battle! It’s not just about shooting! Plan, react and collaborate. Practice your fitness, alertness and dexterity. Learn to communicate and coordinate steps. Stronger relationships, breaking down barriers, great atmosphere.

E-bike around Liptov

An extensive network of cycle routes for trekking and mountain bikes will satisfy both experienced and beginner riders. The willing staff will advise you on the choice of routes directly from the resort. You can bring your own bicycle or conveniently rent it at the reception.


Archery for unforgettable team building is here for you! It will strengthen the cohesion of your team and bring a lot of fun. Why archery? It offers a wide range of activities – from target shooting to racing. Master the correct shooting technique and experience the fun of archery. Instructors will ensure safety and fun throughout the day.


Experience the fascinating state of weightlessness and push the boundaries of your team with Aerotrim! This unique simulator, designed for aviators and cosmonauts, will allow you to test your coordination, cooperation and communication skills in a non-traditional environment. Overcome barriers and achieve common goals with the help of experienced instructors.


Overcome a huge maze with your colleagues and test your logic, orientation and teamwork. 100 rooms, strategic thinking and finding a way out await you. Ideal for different teams, it will strengthen communication and coordination. Work together to find the hidden letters for the resulting slogan!

Glasses of drunkenness

These glasses allow you to experience the world from the perspective of a drunk person. By putting on the glasses, you can try out how difficult it is to pass between the cones, lift objects, or overcome obstacles. In addition to having fun, you will be aware of the risks of alcohol behind the wheel and strengthen responsibility in the team. Know your limits.

Structural climbing wall

Wall climbing is the perfect choice! Try a 7-meter high climbing wall without overhangs, suitable for both complete beginners and experienced climbers. Enjoy free climbing with adrenaline and a view, or take on the challenge and test your strength in timed climbing. Our instructors will ensure your safety and a successful experience.

Alpine disciplines

Overcome challenges and save lives! Sawing, chopping and nailing will test your team’s strength, coordination, skill, focus, patience and precision. Can you work in sync and communicate effectively under pressure? Each member has an important role in this exciting team building!