Deti hrajú hru v areáli Sojka resortu s mapou v ruke a hľadajú poklad.

Get to know the children’s game the Sojka’s Treasure Hunt

Who is SOJKO?
SOJKO is our adventurer who will accompany you throughout the flight. An adventurous summer awaits you and we will make sure that you enjoy it. Our adventurer knows all the nooks and crannies of the resort and therefore has hidden several treasures that you have to find.

What will our adventurer SOJKA tell you?
Tips for trips around Sojka resort. Ideas for campus activities. Educational information. Advice on how to have fun. If you too become an adventurer, you can take a picture at the adventurer’s photo wall, which you will find in the area!

What do you need for the game?
You must be tired of packing all the toys and things that you bring to every vacation. You don’t have to worry about anything with this game. You will receive a map from us and all you need is a good mood and you can go on an adventure!

Game rules

  1. Get an adventurer’s map at reception.
  2. Based on the map, look for the treasures that SOJKO has hidden throughout the campus.
  3. In the map you will find small clues where to look for the treasure.
  4. The treasure can be hidden in a treasure chest or birdhouse.
  5. Each treasure hides a letter that you need to solve the secret.
  6. After completing the secret, you become an adventurer of Sojka and receive a small reward, which is waiting for you at the reception.