Relax in the wellness centre

Enjoy undisturbed relaxation. The all year round wellness area features 4 types of saunas: herbal, Finnish, steam and infrared.

After a hot sauna, cool off in the cooling bath. You will see how the blood in your veins flows and the skin of your body becomes engorfed.

There is also a hot tub with massage jets, as well as a Kneipp foot bath for perfect relaxation of body and mind.

The wellness centre includes an indoor swimming pool and a children’s pool. The hotel part also offers various types of massages.

Swimming pools

Strengthen your back in the indoor pool

Swimming is a great way to get your whole body moving and to strengthen your cardiovascular system. It is a gentle and safe activity that improves your physical condition. At the same time it shapes your muscles without unnecessary overload, making it a suitable sport for all ages.

Apart from many health benefits, it also has positive effects on the human mind.

Fooling around in the children’s pool

You don’t have to travel anywhere to enjoy water. There is also children’s pool located directly in the wellness centre.

The depth and temperature of the water is adjusted even to the little ones, so they can play safely.

Bubbles in the hot tub

The popular hot tub with massage jets is great for relaxing the whole body. Get yourself massage and revitalisation of your back and limbs and you will feel reborn.

The health effects of a good quality hot tub in general are brought about by real hydrotherapy. Heat, water and pressure in the right ratio offer a really good hydromassage.

Get sweaty in the steam sauna

The advantage of the steam sauna, where the temperature reaches a maximum of 60 °C at up to 100 % humidity, is its lower burden on the body. That means it can be suitable even for those with health problems which prevent them from going to a classic sauna.

The temperature does not exceed 50 °C, but the humidity reaches up to 100 %.

Regenerate yourself in the Finnish sauna

Spending time in sauna has a positive effect on the airways, blood circulation and it strengthens your immune system. After a day full of sports activities, we recommend the Finnish sauna for the regeneration of the whole body.

The recommended sauna time is 20 min.

The sauna temperature is 90° C.

Warm up in the relaxation room

A pleasantly heated room in front of the sauna entrance is used mainly for relaxing the body after spending time sauna.

The atmosphere is completed by an indescribable view. Of course, there is a refreshment corner with water, where you can quickly replenish lost liquids.

List of procedures

Classic, relaxation massage
25/50 min.
26/36 €
Massage with snake venom
25/50 min.
26/36 €
Reflex foot massage
25/50 min.
26/36 €
Manual lymph drainage
30/60/120 min.
28/42/62 €
Relaxation lava stone massage
25/50 min.
28/38 €
Oil heat massage
25/50 min.
26/36 €
Massage for pregnant
25/50 min.
26/36 €
Massages for children
15/25 min.
12/18 €
Dead Sea mud therapy
60 min.
42 €
Body peeling and wrap
60 min.
38 €
Anticellulite lifting therapy
60 min.
42 €

Wellness price list for non-accommodated guests

Wellness and swimming pool
180 min.
20 €
Swimming pool (adult)
180 min.
9 €
Swimming pool (child)
180 min.
7 €

Opening hours

Swimming poool & children’s pool
09:00 – 21:00
16:30 – 21:00


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