Folklore festival in Východná


Folklore festival in Východná is the oldest and the largest nationwide festival with international participation in our area.

Every year in the beginning of the summer tourist season on the first weekend in July the rich folk traditions come to life in attractive surroundings near the High and Low Tatras. The distinctive Východná village becomes the centre of Slovak culture for a few days.

During its 67-year history, the festival has become a top showcase of traditional folk culture and its folklorised manifestations. Among the more than 1,400 performers in dozens of artistic author’s programmes, every year there are also presented the winners of national competitive shows of folklore groups, ensembles, children’s ensembles, folk music, singing groups, solo musicians and dancers.

The festival in Východná is a celebration of Slovak folklore. Its existence contributes significantly to the revival, preservation, creative development and public presentation of the precious values of our cultural treasury. Folklore has deep roots in the traditions and culture of the Slovak nation. Therefore it is able to bring the joy in us of meeting each other. At the same time it can not only bring our history back to life, but also the emotions. Be a part of this celebration.

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